O Stranger!

Fie on you, O Stranger! As you come and go,

don’t you realize you blaze my soul?

You are a stranger in my eyes, but not my heart;

captive in your aura, that’s what for it longs.

Until you came, I didn’t realize my heart to be,

so poignant; as life tore it apart.

Now, my addled mind questions me,

to which, I can only remain, silent.

You came, you saw, you conquered…… my heart.

But why and how? Silence. Again.

Now, I am abstemious in my world with you,

a picturesque serene place I never want to lose.

But alas! Life isn’t fair, for you went afar,

just as sudden as you had come close.

But it is a deplorable fact that you don’t,

even know what you did to my heart.

Still, I feel nonplussed when I feel my unbridled love,

and how, you claimed a stake over my soul,

for, I had closed the door, now and for ever.

Now, I see you abscond and acquiesce….

as you came and went with a whiff of the wind,

but could never realize my heart writhe in pain.

Fie on you, O stranger! You care naught about my heart,

which you grew and killed,

for you, you are a stranger in my heart, but not my eyes,

But, will you ever realize that it is not so?

Shreshtha Chakraborty (2012)

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