Scotland- an independent country?

While we all sit oblivious in our homes in different parts of the world, September 18th is going to be a memorable day in the history of United Kingdom. For, today residents of Scotland will be voting whether or not to create independent Scotland.

After more than three hundred years of joining hands with United Kingdom, Scotland might or might not be independent, at last. No doubt, it will be a boon for Scotland residents as it would mean financial prosperity and a better future. But all lies in the hands of Scottish voters.

Any British, European Union, or Commonwealth citizen aged 16 and older residing within Scotland, along with members of the military who are registered to vote in Scotland, will be able to vote on the September 18 referendum.  The vote will be a simple yes or no vote to the question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”  If the majority of votes are yes, then the eighteen month transition will begin to allow Scotland to become an independent country in March 2016.  This transition should be quite smooth but it will be the creation of the largest new independent country in Europe since Kosovo in 2008 and Serbia in 2006.

The much debated question, however, lies in the decision of choosing the currency. There are three possible options for a Scottish currency – the euro, a new currency, or to retain the British pound. But, it cannot be said for sure that  United Kingdom would agree to share a currency union with Scotland.

Scotland will become a constitutional monarchy with Her Majesty The Queen (or her successors) as head of state.The new Scotland will utilize the current blue and white Saint Andrew’s Cross or the Saltire as the national flag.

In a poll in early July 2014, about two months prior to the referendum, Scots were mixed on whether or not to vote for independence with 34% saying yes to independence, 45% saying no and 21% having not yet decided.  With such a large percentage of undecited voters, the vote could go either way and the world will have to wait until polls close on September 18, 2014 to discover whether Scotland will become the world’s 197th independent country.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

(All sources from the web)

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