Iphone 6 – the breakthrough technology.

The AppLe WWDC 2014

9.9.2014 Apple Inc held a biggest event  of the year in its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The event was held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts. The venue was where they first launched the original Macintosh computer and the iPhone 5.

The center can hold as much as 2,400 people and Apple  to launched the iPhone 6 with a big bang.

People have been in line for a very long time for this Grand event, and they have event spent a night on the sidewalks with sleeping bags , It shows the dedication of such Apple lovers . Respect for such people.The event was also broadcasted online for those who want to watch the keynote. Those who wish to watch it online can do so through iTunes on any iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. It will also be streamed on Apple.com but is restricted to the Safari web browser.

IPhone 6 and 6+ :

Two versions were announced – IPhone 6 a 4.7-inch version and IPhone 6+ a 5.5-inch version.

The new 4.7-inch screen has an odd 1334 x 750 pixels resolution  with 326ppi  and IPhone 6+ with 1920×1080 pixels resolution with 401 ppi  looks fantastic. It has superb viewing angles, good brightness levels, and great colour reproduction. The colours do not look unnatural like an OLED screen found on many Samsung and Nokia phones, which is great. It may not be the most pixel dense screen in the market.

It has the better Retina HD display in a phone , they are bright , stunning colours and accurate , and nothing like anything before seen by anyone. Not only these features have grown ,  something has reduced , yes the phone width , from 7.6mm in IPhone 5s to 6.9 in IPhone 6  and 7.1 in IPhone 6+. The IPhone 6+ also has taken advantage of this Larger screen and comes with Horizontal and vertical view.

The menu screen can also be turned to vertical or horizontal depending on the user. The home screen Button is also now sideways and not on top. They are powered by A8 chip with 2 billion transistors  , twice from its predecessor. 25% more CPU and 50% more GPU performance and also 50% more energy efficient which has much better battery life than its previous generations. The new generation M8 chip is the next generation Motion chip ,…….. with  cycling, walking, running and also distance, also elevation, and with the new Health app this all helps a lot.The LTE band support is till 150 MBPS , and also voice calling over wifi , with 3x faster wifi data transfer rate.

Now the camera, it has a beautiful 8MP iSight camera, True tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture with a new generation ISight sensor in it of Focus Pixels, faster auto-focus. We can also take Panorama pictures upto  43 Megapixels photos .

With on difference ,….. IPhone 6 has digital Image stabilization ,…… but IPhone 6+ has optical image stabilization , where the camera can also move sideways to provide a stable image. Videos can be taken in 1080P at 30 or 60 FPS  or Slo-Mo videos  at 120 and 240 FPS. Cinematic Video stabilization helps to take smooth videos when the IPhone user is also moving and with faster auto-focus in real time .

Also, it Apple is working with various credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express to launch a payment system which would allow users to link their credit card to their devices. Allegedly this will make use of the TouchID  fingerprint scanner feature as a security measure. It will be called “Apple Pay ”  , where with one touch of the finger , any purchase can be done secured with Fingerprint security.

Apple watch

It is synchronized with  universal time standards and  is accurate with 50 milliseconds deviation , It comes with a new communication technology. The User interface was changed to Crown touch rather then just touch and an IPhone technology on a watch . It has a Fluidic display on the home screen. The user can choose to change the home screen clock app to various modes like Analog , Digital clock , or even with Moon or day time. It is also sleek and its design is very smooth. The digital Crown allows precise adjustment and fluidic zoom , it is also the home button . Smart replies help to reply fast. We can also contact friends  with the watch very fast . We can communicate fast with quick sketch or Heartbeat sensor ,… with matches the heartbeat of a person and sends it in real time. It can understand the difference between touch and tap with those tiny Electrodes . The taptic engine is a discrete and unprecedented experience .

It has a first generation S1 apple chip . With gyroscope, accelerometer  and wifi from IPhone helps a comprehensive picture of the daily activities. The zirconium back has 4 sapphire lenses with infrared and visible light along with photo sensors detects our pulse rate .The back crystal also has Inductive charging .

The home screen is very much open for personalization in many various ways . The strap has magnets for fast link , it is also sweat resistant made of a high performance elastomer .

Apple watch comes in three distinct editions:: Apple watch , Apple watch sport and Apple watch Edition .

Apple watch is made of polished case of Custom allow of stainless steel .

Apple watch Sport edition has a ionic exchange cover glass and a anodized aluminum case , which is 60% stronger and lighter and extremely durable .

Apple watch Edition is made from 18 Carat Gold that are twice harder than standard Gold .

The watch can directly link to an IPhone and it can control the Music and phone functions via our wrist  . The smiley’s are turned to animated emoji. Siri is inbuilt by pressing the Digital Crown . The Watch also has Navigation , via IPhone , and it vibrates on the way to turn, so we don’t need to look at the GPS anymore, we can feel it in our hands. The new digital touch communication is initiated with just a touch , and it interacts dynamically in both the watches  and sends real time pictures and emoji, and also heartbeat. The apple watch has a Great future but still it will take time to come to the mass people .

The various apps are very well built and well integrated in this new platform .

Arnav Mondal

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