The friend who tried to kill me

I was badly bleeding, I was badly sore,

So I went back home to find at my door,

A friend of mine who was standing for long.

I opened the door and said, “Come along.”

But he was cold, trembling hands and feet,

He could not move, just watched me bleed.

I noticed in him a dreadful lust

And realized that he’s blood-thirst.

I smiled to myself, I cut my wrist,

Then “Here, drink it”, did I insist.

He pulled my wrist and began drinking,

Halfway through, he began sinking.

Soon in pain, he began to writhe-

“Ah, I’m choking! I can’t breathe!”

Now very still and very moribund,

I looked at his face, bloody, rubicund;

Saying, “Me, friend, you tried to kill,

Now you have my blood so stay you still.

For my blood was poisoned, quite to your taste,

And you shall perish without much haste.”

Ratul Biswas

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