Krabi Island

The first definition which strikes my mind, when people ask me to sum up the experience of Krabi in one word is: Heaven. This is one of those exotic places in the world, which is best suited for a quick relaxed vacation; which automatically sucks out every tension from the body and replaces it with nothing but, bliss. Krabi tour is best when taken a package of five days-four nights, as you surely wouldn’t want to travel so far to this place, and yet not see everything that it has to provide.

We took the service of a direct flight from Bangkok to Krabi, but as these all are connected, you can also opt for transport, either land, water, or air, from Phuket. When we reached Ao Nang Beach (the main residential area), we already had our rooms booked in Krabi Thai Village Resort; and I would recommend to do the same because if you reach there and are unable to find any rooms, well, sleeping on the beach would be the only option left. We had reached at 5.30 in the evening, and it took us the entire evening to settle in and make ourselves at home.

Day 1:

So, the tour started with continental breakfast, and the tour has to be planned for that day the evening before. The itinerary, I am going to provide in brief at first:

9.00 am- Depart from Ao Nang Beach to Phi Phi Island.

Now, there are eight places to explore. You can either opt for some, or if you are enthusiastic enough, you can opt for all! The most important thing now-a-days, is that it costs 1800 Thai Bhat for adult, and 1200 Thai Bhat for child.

So, the first beach you will be taken to is Lohsamah Bay, which is primarily important if you want to enjoy the colourful fishes and coral. Then, they will cruise you through Pileh Bay, which holds a breath-taking lagoon. You wouldn’t stop there though, but trust me, the view is great! Then comes Monkey Bay, and yes, it does holds its namesake. You will be given a tray of fresh fruits to feed the monkeys, and you will be surprised that they are so friendly! However, there is not much to spend time, so you will be whisked off to the most important sight: Maya Bay. Those of you who have seen the Hollywood film “The Beach” would be familiar with this beach. Even the sets are preserved there! This place is ethereally beautiful, and one of the must visit places in my list.


This place will take up most of your time, but do take out time to visit the Viking Cave. Many believe this to the resting place for birds because of the weird shapes of the caves, but it is an excellent place for photography.


Viking Cave

By then, you will surely be ravished with all the excitement and hopping around. So, you will be taken to Phi Phi Don Island, where are lots of restaurants to choose from.

After that, there comes Hin Klarng and Bamboo Island, which attracts photographers and adventure enthusiasts mostly, because it can provide snorkelling opportunities and many more.

The day is wrapped up by the beautiful sunset you can see as you come back to Ao Nang at 4.00 pm.


Day 2:

On the second day of the trip, the speed boat will pick you up at 8.00 am from the hotel. Departing from Nopparat Thara Beach, first you will be taken to Chicken Island. The most attractive feature of this island is the snorkelling locations, and also the coral and tropical fish.


Then, Tup Island is a sand bar link between island where you can walk across while low tide.

The Poda Island comes next, appropriate for sunbathing and sea sports.

James Bond Island

James Bond Island

The most important, according to me, is a limestone cave in Pranang Cave, that is used as a shrine  by local fisherman.


You will be brought back to the hotel by 15.30. Comparatively, this day is a lot less hectic, but this is worth it.

Day 3:

You can take the morning off to either sleep in, or roam around the exquisite resort, because the tour of the day starts from 12.00. The itinerary includes Tiger Cave Temple, Hot Spring Waterfall, Elephant Trekking and Baby Elephant Show. Tiger Cave Temple is a trip done to pay homage to the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, and you can also indulge in sightseeing of some big trees, some even 1000 years old. The Hot Spring Waterfall is a place for natural spa, where you can get refreshed and relax. The most exciting aspect of this tour is the elephant trekking trip, which will take you through some serene jungle terrain. Baby Elephant Show is equally exciting. The day wraps up at 6.00. After returning to the hotel, you can explore the various spa and entertainment facilities offered by it.

Day 4:

This day is allocated to visit Krabi Town. You can opt for this, or you may not. I suggest you do, because there are a lot to see.

The main attraction is the Susan Hoi (Shell Fossil Cemetry).


Located at Ban Laem Pho cape some 17 km. from town, it is a huge rock slab evolved from uncountable shell fossils of some 35 million years. This shell graveyard was once a large freshwater swamp populated by millions of snails. Over aeons, the dead snails gradually formed a layer of fossils, which is about 40 cm. thick. This wonderful site of nature has become one of the most popular attractions of Krabi and one of the three in the world.
Susan Hoi or the Fossil Shell Graveyard-de8463b9-3363-4ba4-bc10-07a069fb5500

Shreshtha Chakraborty

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