Oh my Dragonfly!

Maybe I am not so good and high,

seeking through the door with a sigh,

though knowing you will never be mine.

Okay. Never mind.

Seek for the velvet sky,

above the foretold lie.

Give a sweep of your coloured wings

and gather all your shattered dreams.

Cause you are a dragonfly,

O my beautiful dragonfly!

I seek again,

and you are gliding in the rain.

It washes away all your embedded pain.

Your beauty isn’t now hidden.

In this atmosphere of blue and white,

you got someone new with whom you ride.

I shout aloud in a reedy voice,

“Oh! Dragonfly, I love you dragonfly,

never say a good-good bye”.

But you never turned and flew to the Everest High,

O dragonfly!

Hey! There you go through the grasses green.

Hopping on the dew drops with your childhood dream.

I too have those dew drops, oh divine, dropping on your portrait eyes.

I have a lovely sunken heart

poison veins I have all torn apart

Oh sorry! I was always wrong.

So, I put it in a merry song.

Oh dear! I forgot, I am a negro housefly,

a dirt, with dirty little compound eyes.

May be not today, not tomorrow,

I will come again in the morrow,

may be two thousand years later.

I would look much better,

I will have you in my little arms.

I will be your prince of charm.


“We will go through the grasses green.

I will be your childhood dream.

We will fly across the velvet sky,

above all the foretold lie.”

I will be a dragonfly!

Now it is time to say a huge good-bye.

Visca el dragonfly

Le amo, Le quiero.

no puedo de circro!

O ‘my beautiful’ dragonfly!

Over and out, dragonfly!

Koustav Mukherjee

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