The Tangerine Date


                                                                   Hey guys!

This is the first ever time I decided to do a fashion blog thing. I had always been intrigued, seeing such awesome fashion bloggers all over Instagram. But until now, I didn’t quite get the motivation to go and create one myself. Also, I recently passed out from school, so I was quite busy with boards and all. I am quite a impulsive shopper and often my shopping sprees are vehemently dreaded.

In my brand new first post, I would like to get away with a very simple outfit, appropriate for a romantic day date. We girls know how hair-tearing-ly confusing it is to decide on a dress for a simple let’s-go-out-to-movie-and-then-lunch with your special someone. It is always about that question: Should I wear something elegant, or something sexy, or something simple yet classic?

This year, it’s all about neon. Neon here, and neon there. Neon is the new cool. And I feel that this scorching heat adds a little more spark to neon (I am a little mad, I tell you). This dress I am wearing is a neon orange top and leopard print leggings. Colourful and over-the-top leggings are so ‘it’ this year. Plus, this leggings I am wearing is super-comfortable. The fabric is very breathable and it can even flatter any body type. I got this from New Market (in Kolkata, which is the best place for street shopping) and I am a great fan of it ever since.

What really pops on the eye is the top that I got from Pantaloons. It is a respite in this heat, and there is a lot of room for air circulation. Wearing this, you wouldn’t have to worry about passing out from sweating too much. Although, you will have to wear a strapless bra to not let the staps show. Now, you can be trendy and stylish, and beat the heat too.

As the leggings are printed, you will have to go for a top with a solid colour because prints in both don’t cordinate. Also considering the fact that I have let the top be the prime area of focus, I have paired this outfit with a simple yet classy ankle boots from Shoespie. The white colour doesn’t attract much attention, but if looked closely, it manages to raise eyebrows.

I styled this outfit with a bracelet watch and drop earrings from Swarovski. Austere accessories are really important on a date. You wouldn’t want your better half thinking that you are thinking too much into it. Also, you can skip the accessories all together. I am wearing ‘Tangerine Lush’ Lakme Matte lipstick.

The nail art is my personal touch. In my opinion, nail art invention is the best thing that ever happened to me. I will be uploading a tutorial for it super soon. Cheers, guys!

Also, if you would like to see more, follow me on Instagram! (ID- Sicylia97)

Check out the the outift below. 😉

                         1.                                                        3. 6.                                            2. 4.                  PicsArt_1431358598089                                                                             9.


Top: Pantaloons

Leggings: New Market

Earrings and Bracelet: Swarovski

Ankle Boots: Shoespie

Nail paint: Sally Hansen

Lipstick: Lakme

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