Maybelline Electro Pop: Berry Bomb review

This is the first time I have sat down to write a review of the products that I use and like. I have always had a soft corner for lip balms, and I binge-shop on them. Nivea, Himalaya, Oriflame, Biotique…. name them, and I have used them all. After much trial and error, I got stuck on this super awesome lip balm range from Maybelline.


Uptil this year, Maybelline Baby Lips range was a constant thing in my bag. Never had I found a lip balm so smooth and hydarting and everything you ask for in a balm. I have come across people who disclaim the fact that it hydrates, but it works perfectly fine for me. Yes, the claim about giving 8 hrs hydration is not true. It stays intact for 2-3 hrs at most, before demanding re-application.


When Maybelline launched its Electro Pop range, it instantly became my favourite! With the super cute packaging, and the super cool neon shades, what more can we girls ask for? However, there was this big problem, which colour to go for? You can only buy things without burning a hole in your pocket. After trying every shade, I decided on “Berry Bomb”.


They have four shades, you can go for either one: Pink Shock, Oh Orange, Fierce N Tangy, and Berry Bomb.


They stood up for whatever claims they wrote at the back of the merchandise. You can feel the velvety smoothness the instant you put it on. Despite the rich purple colour, it leaves behind a sweet pinkish hue on your lips every time you put it on. As per their claim, it is formulated with shea butter and Vitamin E and electric colour pigments which gives shine yet moisturization. What I love the most is the berry flavour infused in it, and a unique smell that I can’t put my finger on.

This is how it looks like when you put it on.

This is how it looks like when you put it on.

The most important thing: It is quite affordable. Standing at INR 165 for 3.5g, it is not too much to ask for a product which caters to your every need.

So, guys, what are you waiting for? If you aren’t yet a proud owner of this, go be one. You won’t regret it. 😀

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