Durgapur Society for Thalassemia and AIDS: Mission and Objectives


There aren’t many organisations like this, and so, this is one of its kind. A collaboration that puts forth the joint efforts of many people, some of the notable members being, Gopi Ranjan Basu and Ardhendu Dakshit, is what we call “Durgapur society for prevention of thalassemia and AIDS”.


Established in 2002, this society has seen a tremendous growth in awareness regarding thalassemia and its increasing spread all over the country every year. Being an autosomal recessive disorder, this spreads mainly when parents do not keep in mind to have their blood test done. So again goes the same saying: Do a blood test before marriage. Even if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your children. Your child’s life is in your hands; you owe them that much.


Doctors present there:

Dr. Prosanto Kumar Chowdhury 

(MBBS, PGD clinical management of thalassemia, ESH, Cyprus, PGD, haemoglobinopathy, MSc in haemoglobinopathy, University College, London, FIIMT)

Anupam Basu

(MSc, PhD. Molecular Biology and human genetics researcher, Zoology professor, Burdwan University, PhD (National Institute of Family Welfare, Delhi), Post Doctoral from University of New Mexico, Research on Thalassemia and cancer)

This society also holds many state of the art equipment including ELISA (creatinine and ferritin) machine, to cater to every need of the patient. The members strive hard to assure the patients that they can have everything that they need for their treatments and better health.

Anyone wanting to volunteer in any form, be it putting in a day’s work, or donating for their welfare, or campaigning for their cause, contact details for this society are given below: 

+919434475891, +919434476138, 0343-2573344

Address: Room number: 3,4,5, A2 Health centre, Durgapur- 713204.

Anyone wanting to donate:

A/c name. : Durgapur society for prevention of thalassaemia & AIDS
Bank. : Bank of Baroda,durgapur branch
A/c no.& type :  00440 1000 11694  sb
Micr : 713012202
Its code : BARB0DURGAP

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