Star Cruise Trip


The first wave of astonishment hit us as we stepped inside the lobby of Star Virgo, and gazed up to catch a glimpse of this masterpiece overhead. This enormous structure towering over us, holding thousands of people is a sight to behold. From live music to trays of champagne upon first arrival, the whole experience of venturing into an exotic place gets surreal every moment.

Star Cruise services include varieties in food, music, entertainment and shows. You need to pre-book tickets as they are always in high demand and tend to run out often. The trip we took was a route starting from Singapore-Pattong-Phuket-Singapore.

For more information, click here.

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4 Comments on “Star Cruise Trip

    • It’s the best way to spend your honeymoon time or if not, just two or three days vacation.
      Acrobats, dance, live music, rock music, theatre….. name it, and it’s all there. 🙂

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      • Expensive it is, yes. But it depends on how many days you spend onboard and which tour you take.
        But believe me, it’s a lifetime experience. 🙂

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