Clinique “All About Shadow” Primer for Eyes.

Clinique, despite being a high end brand, isn’t as much appreciated among us Indians as much as commercial brands like Loreal or Maybelline. Clinique is well-known for its miraculous beauty products rather than makeup products, and it has never failed me. So, I decided to take a leap and try its range of eye shadow primers.

I have been on the lookout for primers for quite some time, but most of the indigenous makeup brands offer none or not at all preferable options. On the other hand, I didn’t want to splurge much on a primer, which is something that would practically be invisible under the makeup anyway. Most of the high end brands like MAC, or Yves Saint Laurent, burn a huge hole in our products. So when I came across the “All About Shadow” primer in a Clinique store during my routine visit, I decided to try it out.


Costing US $ 20, it is considerably cheaper and it prices the same as Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.

There are four shades in this range, from ‘Very Fair’, to ‘Deep’. Considering my experience in eyeshadow primers, I would suggest you should always go for a shade darker than your skin tone. One of the best features of this product is its dual ability, i.e, it acts as a primer as well as a concealer. So, you can just dab the primer outside your eye areas and step out on a normal day. The company claims its durability to be 12 hours, but it really depends on how unaffected you keep your eyes.


This primer also smooths out the creases, any distinguishable veins, or dark circles.

The texture is sort of silvery and thick; but when you smooth it out, it gives a velvety feel and you can feel its protective layer. However, people with oily lids would find a semi-matte finish as an end result.


How to use:

Spread the liquid with the applicator from lash line to your brow bone. Then, blend with your fingertips.
If you want it as concealer, dab the primer under your eyes, and blend it with outward strokes.



The only downside to it is that, it doesn’t have any distinguishable ability to prolong the life of eye shadow. The performance would get a 3/5 rating from me.

If you want to buy or order online, find it here:


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