The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil Review

For us Indians, hair is the most important feature, is it not? 😉  It amazes me sometimes to think that we invest so much of our time into maintenance of our mane 😛 and on top of that, if the length exceeds our shoulder length, then that’s another story altogether! 😛

I have been through many trial and errors when choosing the right hair oil for my hair, because my hair is super thick and my scalp and texture are equally super dry. It’s a weird combination actually, because it means my hair is high high maintenance and growing it out is an absolute nightmare!

But then, during one of my regular visit to The Body Shop store, I found this Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil. I was actually there to buy their Banana Shampoo (I will review it sometime later too), and I instantly grabbed the hair oil without any further ado!


Anyway, coming back to this, here is my review of this:

This oil, although it is said that it’s a coconut oil, personally I found it to be more viscous that normal coconut oil. Usually, my dry hair doesn’t retain the oil for more than a few hours, but I found that the rainforest coconut oil kept my hair soft and silky all the time it was on, and even after rinsing it off. You can use the oil for a pre-wash treatment, or an overnight treatment. It depends on your hair type: I go for the overnight treatment because of my thick hair.



How to use:

The bottle comes with a flip top and the packaging is quite sturdy. Squeeze the liquid as per your need, and massage onto your scalp. I repeat this two times a week.



The best thing about the product is its heavenly smell; it’s sort of a fruity, flowery smell that is just perfect! Also, it doesn’t leave oil patches on anything, specially your pillow at night.

This is the perfect substitute for a conditioner, and after rinsing it out, you can feel the immediate difference in the quality of your hair; it gets more smooth, silky and tangle-free. Note: It doesn’t do much for dandruff and hair fall problems.




This is the one product that I would recommend to others without a doubt. Though it’s a little pricey, but it is definitely worth the hole in your pocket!


Rs. 695/- for 200 ml.



My Rating:



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