In this eerie saturnine darkness, the smoke climbs up the tree

It kisses my feet, yet claws at my skin.

I stare down with atrocity mingled with awe, as I smirk,

“Oh, you fool! You will never get me down

With the ground at my feet.”

Panic seizes my heart, yet mirth jolts me back to life

As the haunted tendrils of the smoke tickles me,

Queerly, filling my heart with ecstasy.


The sillage of the smoke smothers my nose, and captivates me with its hypnotizing gaze

“Do you have what it takes to avoid me?” It retorts,

With a sinister smile, bellowing my name.

The tendrils lash out at me in frustration

As they gain gargantuan size, demanding my attention.

I glow in soliloquy, smugness flooding my features .

I feel invincible, knowing nothing would trepidate me better.

I pull my legs and laugh darkly, “Oh, my dear!”

“If we were in a movie, you would be my Tom and I’d be your Jerry.”


The smoke clouds my vision and shatters my hopes,

In the flagitious sky overhead, there is no Moon, nor a single star.

Such is your puissance, to extirpate anything, that might leave you a scar.

Then all of a sudden, a light is conjured

with a light so incandescent, ironically, annihilating the smoke to its core.

My heart swells with pity, unbidden; as the cries of woe and anguish of the smoke,

which had sought to destroy me, becomes my undoing.


Yet as I try to curb my traitorous feelings,

I am drawn, as always, Icarus to the sun.

I reach out with a soothing hand, might be in need of a,

Utopian world in a dystopian land.

That’s when I hear, a disembodied voice, resonating in my mind, clearing my conscience,

“You don’t belong here, my dear,” the chaste voice opines,

“When you have beseeched the light, you need not embrace the dark.”

The serene luminous light clears the fog, bringing back the clarity.

I raise my arms, and clamber up.

Abandoning the dark grey world at my feet.


The light expands, banishing the darkness framing me,

As I stretch towards it, feeling rambunctious all over my soul,

Now I embrace the light, and sigh, and let it cocoon me with its warm soft touch.

I bask in the ataraxy, giving up on the fight.

I have achieved NIRVANA, oh yes, that’s what it feels like.

– Shreshtha Chakraborty.

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