|| Addiction ||

” Addiction ”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word?

Weed? Meth? LSD? Nicotine? Cocaine? ……. And if none of these things are a part of your life, does that mean you are free of addiction?

Each and every one of us is addicted to something. We are all dependent on something. And that something often hides within plain sight; often behind our laptop and mobile screens. So, how is social media any different from any other drug when the very first we do every morning when we wake up is check how many notifications we have? Or, when we upload a picture, not for the sake of our satisfaction, but only for how many likes the picture is going to garner? So, the next time, we stop and judge a drug user, we should instead stop and judge ourselves. Addiction comes in many forms. Dependency is often the monster under the bed that we were warned about when we were little. And in this fast moving generation of ours, childhood and innocence get lost within the malicious clutches of outlets like Instagram and Facebook. But who is it to blame? Who can we point our finger at, without being hypocritical?

And most importantly, who are we to judge addiction when we haven’t been able to escape it, either?

The only thing that we should be getting addicted to is our own strength. Our inner strength. That strength that helps us to get up each time we fall down. Each time we get tossed away like garbage by the people we love…. that will power that we feel in our bones….. that .. that is what we should get addicted to.

Make yourself your own strength.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

Photo by: Subhrojit Dey 

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