Neora Valley Jungle camp

Nestled comfortably between Kalimpong hills and various picturesque valleys, there is this haven that is called ‘Neora Valley Jungle Camp’. It’s a jewel midst endless stretches of mountains and rivers.

The Park with its dense forests is located on the tri-junction of Bhutan, Sikkim and West-Bengal, and its boundary extends from 30 m of altitude up to 3200 m on an area of only 88 square km. Though this sounds rather small, it has to be considered that due to the topographical features the surface of the Park is much larger.


the view right as soon as we stepped out


What strikes out most about this place is the wonderful hospitality and the warm welcome given to us as soon as we arrived after 3 hours of strenuous ride from Gangtok. The view that welcomed us as we got out of the car was so good that it masked our tired souls and energised it with renewed wanderlust. For most of us, travelling to the north side meant beating the summer heat back home. And if you are looking for a wintery cool retreat where you can relax for the weekend, look no more…. Neora Valley is here!


Morning tea


Your face when you wake up after a good night’s sleep


Cabin interiors




Our cottage (Niltava) from outside



The food here is terrific. Even though there are villages all around, but it’s very hard to go down or outside the camp for food, so it’s compulsory to take one meal. But the food here is so good that you won’t even think of going somewhere else to eat. The cook here is from a neighbouring village and he’s so talented that you’ll even lick your fingers when you taste his pancakes.



This place is perfect for a relaxing weekend for couples or to unwind with a large group over 2-3 days. There’s a range of activities to be done here, but once you get into the cosy, fire-lit rooms, you won’t feel like ever getting out. For those who booked the Niltava cottage, they can even sip their morning tea while overlooking the Kanchenjunga in their verandahs.

Best place to visit Neora Valley Jungle Camp: October



For more information about this place, you can look through their website . Or you can mail them,,,




I went to Neora Valley as a part of one week tour of Darjeeling, so we couldn’t spend as much time as we wanted to, but the little time we spent there was heavenly. Even though we went in May when monsoons were just about to hit, I still expected to see a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga but we didn’t. But the weather was nice, at least it was a nice retreat from the horrid heat we were facing back home. But however, do make sure of the weather conditions beforehand as it gets very difficult to move to and fro from Neora Valley in heavy monsoons, and most of the times, the Kolakham roads get blocked, too. Just do a little homework prior to your visit, and you don’t have to worry about anything else while you’re there!

When I was little, I used to wait all year for the revelation of our Annual exam schedules because most often, exams smack us right in the middle of the most important celebration of our lives: HOLI!

Holi is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the “festival of colours” or the “festival of love”.

To us, Holi meant holidays and lots of colours and water balloons and fun with friends for the entire day!



This year, Bishnupur hosted its first ever Basanta Utsob this year, and we couldn’t be more happier. Bishnupur is a really beautiful place, with its state of the art architecture, and gorgeous monuments. So, I decided to do a kind of destination photoshoot at a place which complements my idea and also, brings out the beauty of the heritage of Indian culture. And what’s a better place than Bishnupur?




This time, I decided to brain storm and find out new way to style myself in new ways that is uncommon. So, keeping the tradition Indian ethnic style, I layered it with a leather jacket and ditched the dupatta altogether.





And so, that is not my real hair. You would probably find me in a mental asylum if I ever decided to grow out my hair THAT long. It’s hair extension that I got from Bellami Hair, and I gotta say, their products are fabulous!



I picked up Bohemian style accessories from a local mela and got this statement maang tikka from Flipkart which surprisingly complimented the outfit very well. The turquoise ring is a personal favourite because that ring goes well with everything I wear. I had bought the flip flops from Delhi Haat and the tote bags from Shantiniketan.




Hope you guys enjoyed the post! If you liked it, please do comment! I promise to bring out more ideas like these in my future posts! 😀 And till then, Happy Holi, guys!

Photography by: Subhrojit Dey 


The Future Me

Girls with ambitions, opinions and a voice of their own are termed ‘modern’ and ‘too educated’ and ‘not in touch with their culture’. These girls are the brand new batch of ‘modern indian girls’ who are termed selfish and sadistic by the society, because they are conscious about their career choices more than their culinary skills.

These girls, are girls like me.

I have always maintained that this blog is close to my heart, and it’s not just about fashion. My blog and my posts reflect my soul. So, through this post, I am voicing my feelings and those of countless misunderstood girls around the world for whom having a voice equals to a crime punishable by death.

So, this is me, the future opinionated-unapologetic-independent future me.



Life is not meant to be spent with rules and routines. We all have the freedom to carve our own lives according to our rules. No matter how much life throws curveballs at us, our goal should be to be happy. The source of happiness, however, depends on each person.




More often, most of us end up being unsatisfied and unhappy because our happiness doesn’t lie in the rulebook of the society. More often, ‘log kya kahenge’ ends up making us frustrated with our own lives, instead of being happy in it.






So, for this post, I decided to title it with reference to the things I want from my life; the way I wish to see myself in the future. I have too suffered under the tremendous pressure to be a ‘perfect girl’ as dictated by society. And along the way of serving the ego of this patriarchal society, I had begun to lose myself.




But then, I have realised that I am in charge of my own happiness. I am in charge of how I want myself to be. Along the way of serving the ego of this patriarchal society, I had begun to lose myself.








I have started carving my own path to ‘happily ever after’. Have you?





Photography by: Subhrojit Dey

প্রবাসী দুর্গা : The Durga that resides in all of us.

After a whole year of waiting, Durga puja is finally here. With Durga Puja, comes channeling your inner Bengali through your new dresses and make up and food. Food is one of the most important things in a bong’s life, but trust me, I have tried every diet that is out there, but I just can’t go through a day without bhaat-daal-aloo posto, although my thakuma always joked that I was the black sheep of the family because I don’t like eating fish.

The look I tried in this blog post is that of a perfect Bengali woman in the most common Bengali environment settings. ‘Pujo’ is another important thing in our lives, and we have all grown up spending our years enjoying the holidays for never ending pujas. 😛



So, I am wearing my grandmother’s ‘Gorod saree’, it felt so delicate and soft that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing one. I styled it in the ‘atpouri way’. For this look, as I wanted a full Bengali look, I decided to put on my hair extensions from Bellami hair (you can visit their website from the link) for that fuller and longer mane which I don’t have because I keep cutting my hair short.

One of the other most amazing thing about durgapuja is the wide stretches of kaash phool. Believe me, when you drive down the highway and see these wide fields of pure white kaash phool dancing in the wind, it is sight to behold.













Also, for this shoot, we went out of our comfort zone and decided to shoot at Princep Ghat on the boat ride across Ganga because it’s basically a dream when you live it. Ignoring the stares and cat calling from the people there, it was totally worth it.








Photography by: Subhrojit Dey




Nari Shakti

First beginnings of everything starts with the power of a mind.

What is being a Bengali without Durga Puja? And what is Durga puja without all the hype and excitement for two months because……… ‘Ma aschen’.

Ma Durga has always been associated with Nari Shakti, and even people who don’t believe in God admit that there is some spiritual force that guides us in our toughest times. Those people close to me know how much of a turmoil my personal life has been this past year. In those times… during those dark days…. that unknown presence had been my support. Believing in God is not just for show off….. It’s a personal choice. There are a few people who shame me for it, but I have found an inner strength and peace that can’t be put into words. When everyone leaves you, you think you are alone. But you aren’t. God is always with us, watching us… putting obstacles in our path to make us stronger, and helping us when the load becomes too much. God helps those who help themselves.

This year, I decided to visit Kumortuli in Kolkata, where God is made by a man’s own hands every year (in a literal sense). Like they say, the makers that made us are made by us. It’s a wonderful place and ethereally captivating in every way. What attracts most is the aura that surrounds the place and no matter how much you try, you get pulled into it.




Outfit details:

Bong girls love to dress up often, and I was in the mood, so I decided to go all traditional. I am wearing a Resham silk saree and a pearl set for my accessories. I feel pearls are the most understated when it comes to jewelry. Everyone’s running after gold or diamond, but a single pearl can light up your personality like you can’t imagine. Also, I put on my ring watch that I got from Claire’s to add a touch of modernity. The untamed curls in my hair was done by braiding my hair into small sections and heating it with a blow dryer and leaving it overnight.




















After the most darkest night comes the brightest day, and a little sorrow is needed to help us appreciate the happiness in our life. So, when tough times take over your life, remember not to succumb to it and stay strong and have faith in God.

Photography by: Subhrojit Dey 

Hello everyone!

I know it would sound weird when I say this, but even though it’s raining everyday here and the weather looks metaphorically amazing, I have never liked monsoon or winters much. I like to keep my body attuned with the sun, and any day without sun makes me feel lazy like crazy. Plus, outdoor shots are almost impossible when it is raining uncontrollably outside.

So, me and this amazing person Subhrojit Dey (and a massively talented photographer) decided to create something unique and interesting; something that I have never seen any fashion blogger I have come across yet.

On one rainy afternoon, when we were trying to decide what to feature in my next blog post, the idea of doing a post on various types of jewelry from my collection popped into our minds.  And after that, there was no stopping us. 😛

We have put in a lot of hardwork and effort into thinking of the best ways to portray the jewelry shown here. A lot of people just appreciate the pictures, but tend to underestimate the huge amount of hardwork that goes into creating art like this! So do show your love and comment to let me know if our hardwork paid off!

Also, stay tuned for more! 😉

Pictures by: Subhrojit Dey / florade Photography














The central theme of this post, in my opinion, should be my love for boutique dresses. The idea of owning something which comes in only one piece feels very vain, yet exciting. 😛 The only downside of splurging on boutique dresses is the hefty price tag. Like this red lehenga-salwar kameez hybrid that I bought last year for my school farewell function, finding the ‘right one’ when it comes to The Dress is the most daunting task a girl can engage in.

Red is love. Red is passion. Red is my favourite colour. And when it comes to traditional attire, I have got pretty high standards. But this piece was love at first sight.

I teamed up my dress with my favourite pair of gold earring set that my mother got me for my birthday, and a spiral diamond ring that had just hit the fashion market. As the neckline has heavy and intricate detailing, I kept the neck accessory simple to a SS pendant that goes with my name. 😉 Going a day without high heels is personal day in hell, and going without heels with a traditional dress is a strict no-no for me. So, for the special occasion, I paired my highest heel that I bought from Singapore and my Lavie bag.

I have been bit  by the boutique bug, so I will be posting about my dresses and how I style them the ‘Shreshtha Chakraborty’ way in my future posts. Keep checking for more! 😉

Also, follow me on Instagram: @sicylia97

Photo by: Subhrojit Dey / florade Photography


































|| Addiction ||

” Addiction ”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word?

Weed? Meth? LSD? Nicotine? Cocaine? ……. And if none of these things are a part of your life, does that mean you are free of addiction?

Each and every one of us is addicted to something. We are all dependent on something. And that something often hides within plain sight; often behind our laptop and mobile screens. So, how is social media any different from any other drug when the very first we do every morning when we wake up is check how many notifications we have? Or, when we upload a picture, not for the sake of our satisfaction, but only for how many likes the picture is going to garner? So, the next time, we stop and judge a drug user, we should instead stop and judge ourselves. Addiction comes in many forms. Dependency is often the monster under the bed that we were warned about when we were little. And in this fast moving generation of ours, childhood and innocence get lost within the malicious clutches of outlets like Instagram and Facebook. But who is it to blame? Who can we point our finger at, without being hypocritical?

And most importantly, who are we to judge addiction when we haven’t been able to escape it, either?

The only thing that we should be getting addicted to is our own strength. Our inner strength. That strength that helps us to get up each time we fall down. Each time we get tossed away like garbage by the people we love…. that will power that we feel in our bones….. that .. that is what we should get addicted to.

Make yourself your own strength.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

Photo by: Subhrojit Dey 


How many times have you felt like you are slowly losing your grasp on yourself? When the night falls and you stare up with bloodshot eyes towards the psychedelically rotating fan over your head and find yourself fade into oblivion…… How do you find your way back? How do you get over that twisted Stockholm syndrome that has you in its trance and doesn’t let your consciousness find you?

How do we bend, but not break?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when ignorance clouds our judgement. How many times have we held on with both hands and refused to stay afloat in a sinking ship? How many times have we smiled and trusted the same person who has put us down several times before?

How many times…….?

How many times………?

We’ve lost count, haven’t we? Because that’s what we do. We lose ourselves. We forget who we are and who we are meant to be. The heights that we are meant to reach intimidate us. The success that we are meant to achieve looks unrealistic in our mind. All because we didn’t let ourselves fade into………


Shreshtha Chakraborty


1. Silence-001


| Silence of the darkest hearts |

SShhhhhh…… Don’t say a word.

Don’t move.

Can you hear it?

Listen to the deep darkness churning inside my heart,

and understand how much I cherish it as a gift…

For darkness,

is light in disguise…

You only need to have,

an open mind

to recognize it.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


2. Thoughts in love-001

| Thoughts in love |

If after opening your eyes 
to the morning sky,
his face crosses your mind 
way before…
you remember to breathe.
And every time you feel the breeze,
You think about his fingertips 
across your face.
And his voice in a whisper,
his scent in your nose.
his love in your heart.

You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

3. desires that is craved-001

| Desire that is craved |

Light, shy away from me…

I don’t want your brightness,

to dim the deepest desires of my heart.

Desires that burn to the bones…

Desires that don’t let me sleep at night…

Desires that have no beginning and no end.

No explanations.

No place for the light to enter.

Only darkness.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

4.Does he love you-001

|Does he love you too |

If it is magic, it is love.
It is love if it is hope.
And if your universe expands
and your heart melts…
And he makes you smile,
like his life depends on it.
And he looks at you,
Like you are something he has never seen.


He is in love with you, too.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


5. twisted lust-001

| Twisted lust |

As the night comes to haunt me,

with it’s silence and torturing memories.

I lay in bed and think about you.

And of her.

And how her touch could erase

all those nights I spent

stroking your face, just so you can sleep,

soothing your nightmares…

Is it not what you wanted?

Does she give you what you want?

Can I try it, too?

The way she touches you?

Shreshtha Chakraborty


6. treat for my eyes-001

| Treat for my eyes |

If your eyes find themselves,
fixated on things that relate to him. 
The way his lashes.. 
curl to frame his eyes.
And the curves of his lips…
when they smile.
The world blurs around you,
when you’re with him,
What matters…is….
the feel of his arms on your waist…
What matters is, appreciating 
the beauty of the stars.
In silence.
What matters is,
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty 


7.Sun and the moon-001

|Sun and the Moon|

You say you are the moon,

and I am your sun.

But darling,

They never meet.

They never stay together….

And I would rather be the tides

Rushing closer to you

on every full moon,

or be the wolf,

lusting for your beauty

from far away….

But even then you’ll always find me,

with you. Beside you.

Loving you.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


8. love and misery-001

| Love and misery |

If you are terrified of,
a day without him.
And every second feels like light years
filled with despair. 
And the clocks tick too slowly,
when he’s not here.
And the clocks tick too fast,
when he’s around…
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


9. shadows-001

| Love for shadows |


The monster inside me,

now has a name.

I do not fear it anymore.

I control it.

I have spent too many nights

drowning in the shadows,

swimming through the darkness,

to learn to control my demons.

And now I own it. I possess them.

Now, I am standing in the sun,

Standing tall and strong.

No, I haven’t abandoned my demons. No.

I have brought them with me.

Shreshtha Chakraborty


10. repentance-001.jpg

| Repentance |

If you feel a stab in your heart,
every time his eyes leak,
for something you did.
And all you want to do is take him,
in your arms,
and give him all the love he wants….
And if you would crawl over 
broken glass
just to see him smile again.
You. Admit it. 
You are in love with him.

Shreshtha Chakraborty

Photography by: Subhrojit Dey 

Find more of his works: Florade Photography


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